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Fruit slices are available in either regular size (14g per piece) or mini size (2.5g per piece). Bulk cases are 6x5lbs. Wrapped Fruit Slices are sold in a 20lb master case.


We would be happy to discuss your private label packaging requirements. Our packaging capabilities include trays from 2.5oz (70g) to 1lb (454g) as well as tubs and gable top boxes. We use high speed packaging equipment to ensure quality packaging at a fair price.

We manufacture a large range of traditional hard candy products which are all free of major allergens and Kosher certified.


Company History

The company dates back to 1922 when two Englishmen, George Bond and Ronald Samuel started a confectionery manufacturing company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada called Bond and Ronald. The company manufactured sugar confectionery items and some chocolate specialties.  For many years, the firm remained small and localized to the Manitoba market.  Fruit slices were originally made from imported Agar seaweed strips which were cut, soaked overnight and then used to produce jelly in eighty pound batches. The jelly was cooked in an open gas-fired cooker and allowed to cool at ambient room temperature. The manufacturing process was slow and very labour-intensive. However, as Agar was and still remains one of the very best natural gelling agents to bring out true fruit flavour in jelly, our fruit slices always proved to be a popular item in the company's product line.

In 1957, Charles Fletcher bought the company and expanded operations. The fruit slice products were expanded, new packaging was developed and the product marketed throughout Canada. Fruit slices quickly became listed in grocery stores, department stores, and mass merchandise stores throughout Canada. In 1967, Mr. Fletcher split the growing company into two separate entities; Cavalier Candies Ltd., to concentrate on the manufacturing of sugar confectionery and Cavalier Foods Ltd. (formally Bond Foods Ltd.), to concentrate on imported confectionery products. In 1970's, flow wrapping of the fruit slices was introduced and the Pizazz "individually wrapped bulk line was developed.

In 1986, Walter Fletcher entered the family business and expanded operations further, including the Pizazz fruit slice line. Many of the fruit slice products' labour-intensive functions were mechanized and automated. Today, Cavalier Candies Ltd. is Western Canada's largest sugar confectionery manufacturer and the largest manufacturer of Agar Fruit Slices in North America.

Cavalier uses the finest ingredients in the manufacture of its fruit jelly slices. Quality ingredients have been carefully selected over the years and, where possible, natural colors, flavours and other ingredients are used. Cavalier fruit jelly slices are certified Kosher throughout the year and are annually certified "Kosher for Passover" under the careful supervision of Rabbi Babad from Congregation Tartikov, Brooklyn, NY.


We are SQF certified, click here to view SQF certificate. Cavalier markets and ships its products to customers throughout Canada and the United States.


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 Peanut/Nut Free | Gluten Free | Egg Free | Milk Free | Fat Free | Soy Free| Gelatin Free| Shellfish Free


Everyone at Cavalier Candies works very hard to ensure that all of the products we produce are of the highest quality and safety. Our plant is annually audited by an independent SQF Auditor and is Level 2 SQF Certified. We achieved the highest possible rating of Excellent on our 2017 audit. Please click here to view SQF certificate.

All products manufactured by Cavalier Candies are Kosher Parve certified and once a year we manufacture Kosher for Passover Jelly Fruit Slices under the supervision of Rabbi Babad from Congregation Tartikov, Brooklyn, NY. We adhere to the highest Kosher standards possible and ensure products which are not Kosher certified never enter our manufacturing facility. Please click here to see a copy of our latest Kosher certificate.

Cavalier Candies Jelly Fruit Slices are certified Gluten Free. Both our Fruit Slices and Hard Candy are also:

* Peanut/Nut Free

* Dairy Free

* Egg Free

* Soy Free

* Gelatin Free

* Fish/Shellfish Free

* Fat Free

* Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly


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